About Us

The New England Council began during the 1958-59 school year. It was started by Frances Carr (from Tufts-BSOT) and Anne Henderson (UNH). The purpose was to share concerns and to communicate about fieldwork issues. The council met once a year. The two schools alternated responsibility for the meeting, holding potluck dinners and even lobster parties (courtesy of Elaine Dixey from Concord State Hospital), for clinicians and fieldwork coordinators.

As occupational therapy and occupational therapy assistant schools began in New England, they were invited to join. There are now 23 member schools.

Our Purpose

  • To facilitate communication among occupational therapy clinical and academic educators.
  • To enhance the quality of occupational therapy fieldwork education and supervision.

The Function of NEOTEC

  • To exchange concerns, ideas and resources between clinical and academic educators to promote clinical education for the occupational therapy profession.
  • To identify and respond to emerging fieldwork issues at a regional and national level.
  • To provide continuing educational opportunities relevant to fieldwork

Standard Operating Procedures (adopted 6/2021)

NEOTEC does not philosophically support payment for placement of fieldwork students based on ethical concerns, including potential conflict of interest and violation of social justice. Therefore, NEOTEC members will advocate for discontinuation of contracts with any site requiring payment for placement.